Pagoda Manu Mahrani



Jim Corbett

We all seek a secret hideaway in a known weekend getaway to loose ourselves completely. Away from the hum-drum of everyday life to take a break from it all. And, indulge in self-rejuvenation, chillaxing or simply, reviving the bonds with your dear ones.

But, why the need of a secret hideaway!

Only, because privacy and individual space is of utmost importance. After all, that is one of the main reasons to be travelling, to get away from the crowd, isn’t it?

Worry not anymore for Pagoda Manu Maharani Corbett Resort brings you all that and much more!

Corbett has forever been one of the favourite weekend getaways for its nearby regions. The tigers growling, the deers jumping - hoping in and out of grasslands, the elephants making their way through - creating their own path.

And …. that is just the beginning!

The winged beings of all shapes and sizes along with endless wildlife in abundance makes the forest a very exploring place indeed.

And, experiencing all this is very easy, as we are only a few hundred steps away from Aamdanda through which we access the gate of Bijrani - the most popular entrance to the forest for day visitors to explore Safaris.

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