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Destination Weddings

         Since India is full of beautiful locations, choosing a good location can be tricky. Talking about destination wedding, Rishikesh can be a perfect place to get betrothed. Also known as the “Gateways to Himalayas”, this place can be ideal for your wedding.

       The city has got some terrific palaces, mountains and beautiful temples. Other than beautiful landscape and palaces. Rishikesh is a fascinating blend of sight, sound and experiences. There is so much to do in Rishikesh, that you will have the advantage of keeping the guests busy with city tour throughout the day.

Ganga Kinare.jpg

Ganga Kinare


Hotel Natraj

Divine Resort.jpg

Divine Resort

Nirvana River Resort.jpg

Nirvana River Resort


Aloha On The Ganges

second heaven.jpg

Second Heaven Resort


Antaram Resort

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