Most Economical Bridal Entry Ideas in India

September 22, 2017

The most common problem I notice these days is that we all want an entry which we want our guests to remember for a lifetime. Something to seize the moment because that moment comes once in a lifetime. So here are creative yet economical bridal entry ideas for you.


Bridal or Groom entries has been one of the most crucial part of a well organised wedding. But, the problem that is associated with it is the costs. 


Generally, when you call a wedding / entertainment planner for a bridal or groom entry, we hear options starting from Rs. 1 Lakh and surprisingly, there is not upper limit to it. You can keep on customising it and keep on raising its cost. I've personally seen bridal entries which would have costed more than 15-18 Lakhs just for the entry.

I wonder what people are willing to pay for the Jaimala / Varmala Themes.


But this post if for those who would rather consider spending more on other important things. I would recommend that you make your entry more crazy and creative, rather than costly.


Here are the top 7 most economical bridal entry options today :


1. Phoolon Ki Chaadar (The most common & traditional one)


You get is complimentary with your decoration generally. (Negotiate with your decorator properly if he is charging you extra for it). So basically you spend zero extra money for it and trust me its worth it. 




 2. Smoke Bombs


Yes, smoke bombs are the new trending bridal / groom entry in the modern times. I have not witnessed them much here in India but it is common internationally. The only restriction to it can be that they can be done in open areas. I would recommend that if the bridal entry happens during sunlight, then this entry looks awesome. 


One smoke bomb can be purchased online in the range of Rs. 400- Rs. 500. I would recommend 16-20 of them at once. So, we are looking at a cost of Rs. 8,000 /- to Rs. 10,000/- . Pretty economical !!




3. Bridesmaids 


Yes, another free of cost bridal entry option. You can simply ask ladies from amongst your relatives to hold rose petals in their hands and accompany the bride when she enters. This makes your relatives also feel part of the event and given them a sense of importance as well. 


Make the junior mosts to stand in the front of the queue and the senior mosts at the last. I recommend about 12-16 ladies. 6-8 each side.



4. Inflatable Artificial Flowers


This is one of the most common bridal / groom entry which is being used these days. Common because of the rates. It is available in the rang of Rs.10,000 to Rs. 15,000 /- depending upon the length of the passage and the quality of the vendor you use. 



 5. Cold Pyros 


Another economical (not cheap) option for bridal entry can be your relatives holding cold pyros in their hands and make a passage way for the bride to enter. This can be done indoors as well in many hotels. Some of the 5-Stars would obviously create a fire hazard issue out of it.


Try not to buy these cold pyros from Chandani Chowk or else you will land up ruining the show because of the inferior quality and the short time window for which they burn. Infact the pyros available available there are not the actual cold pyros. Use a reliable vendor. 1 pyros is available in the range of 600 - 1500 depending upon the burning time. I would recommend atleast 10-12 of those if your wedding is in the open.