October 17, 2017

Planning to organise a wedding this season..? What about the Guest Management?

Managing the Guests has never been a cakewalk, especially on a wedding occasion.. It takes a lot of planning, still we fail to make our guests feel comfortable..

Here are some tips for effective Guest Management which your guests will surely like...


1. Plan Your Wedding Functions On A Weekend


Guests attend any function to enjoy and spend some fun time with their loved  ones. No one can enjoy with a hectic schedule and busy mood. So plan your wedding on those days when your friends  don’t need to beg for the work leave from their bosses. And the children of your relatives may not miss their exams…

You can plan your wedding on a long weekend which includes Government holiday, or you can also plan it at the time vacations. So your guests may not have to face any difficulties to attend your functions and enjoy with their full party mood.


2. Some Add-ons with the staying facility


If your guests are coming from outstation then you must have arranged a hotel stay and timely meals facility for them. But is it enough? No! You can add some more..

Check-Inn Meals- Ask your hotel manager to provide the facility of breakfast or lunch for the guests at the time of Check-Inn. It is usually not included in the guest meals, so you have to ask separately for that.

Gift Hampers- You can also put some `Gift Hampers’ in the guests’ rooms in case the hotel is not providing the `Mini Bar’. Gift hampers may contain items like a packet of Oreo cookies, tetra pack juice, chips, Choco Pie, candies, small packets of namkeen, etc. It will cost around just 200 rupees.

Help desk- Arrange a separate help-desk for your guests in the hotel reception area. .So that they won`t face any chaos in case they want something and they don`t know where to get it from.

Special requirements- Previously ask your guests in case they have some common or special requirements like Laundry, salon service, medical service, etc. Ask your manager to arrange them when needed.




3. Enhanced Conveyance facility


People commonly provide the conveyance facility for their guests but you can make it even smoother. Provide the contact details of the logistics manager to the guests. So they can directly contact him in case they face any difficulty related to transport.


4. Fun and Activities


Make your guests also to be a part of your event. So they will also enjoy and will feel special too. Plan some interactive activities on Haldi-Mehendi. You can also arrange some funny props and Photo booth for cute photo sessions.

And on the day of wedding add some entertainment part like Dance troops, Symphony band, orchestra, etc.


5. Sight Seeing and City Tour


 On the day you don`t have any function lined-up, don`t just bound your guests only in the hotel rooms. Arrange a small City Tour or Sight Seeing for them. For this purpose you can arrange a mini bus. It will be covered under the nominal budget.



Hope these tips help you to make your guests happy :)



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