October 31, 2017

Deciding a wedding venue can be one of the most crucial things while planning a wedding occasion. One needs to be very careful while selecting the venue. Due to some trivial mistakes related to venue, your occasion may lead to a blunder. To avoid these mistakes here are the few things which should be kept in mind while selecting the venue of your wedding.


1. Get the Real Photos of the Venue

If you’re unable to visit the venue then try to get some real photos of it. The photos you see on Google or website are so much edited. For some real photos, you can ask your wedding planner or photographer to get them. It really makes a lot of difference.

2. Weather Uncertainty
As we all know our country’s weather is highly fluctuating in nature. So you have to be prepared for any kind of uncertainty. Choose your venue according to the prevailing weather conditions. Unnecessary rain is the most common type of weather condition that usually happens in the wedding. To overcome this problem, you may choose a combination of indoor-outdoor venue. So in case rain happens you can shift your arrangements on a safer place.

3. Easily Accessible
Wedding venue should never be on a location like nowhere. It should be easily accessible.People may not have to face much difficulty to reach the venue. It’s so annoying to find the location that nobody knows. The venue should be nearby a city or a town.


4. Nearby Basic Facilities

There should be availability of at least basic facilities like transportation, laundry, salon, medical, general store, etc. as these are the facilities that may be needed anytime. In case of farm house kind of location, the facilities should not be much far away or at least transportation must be provided to reach them.

5. Ensuring Safety
It’s normal to get late at night while returning from a wedding function. So safety of your guests and their stuff is your responsibility. For this, you must ensure that the venue should not be in the secluded area which may affect the safety of your guests.

These were some small tips that will help you to select your wedding venue.


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