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Srinagar Destination Weddings

Need the best destination for your wedding day? It can't get better than the Kashmir Valley. Hotels in Srinagar offer luxurious  rooms, large banqueting space and visually overwhelming locations.

The plush interiors and palatial rooms definitely create a flattering experience. This erstwhile home to the Maharajas is definitely one of the best picks for your special day.

Connectivity for Srinagar is also great by train, car and flight !! But flying is always recommended to Srinagar as a car or train journey can be very tiring for the upcoming wedding celebrations. 

Radisson Srinagar.jpg

Radisson Blu

The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar.jpeg

The Lalit Grand Palace

Four Point by Sheraton Srinagar.jpg

Four Points by Sheraton

Lemon Tree Hotel Srinagar.jpg

Lemon Tree

Fortune Resort Heevan Srinagar.jpg

Fortune Resort Heevan

The Orchard Retreat and Spa Srinagar.jpg

The Orchard Retreat and Spa

Vivanta Dal View Srinagar.jpg

Vivanta Dal View

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