Solluna Resort



Jim Corbett

The word "Solluna" depicts the captivating beauty of the sun (sol) and the moon (Luna) being observed at the same time at the dusk. A striking blend of nature's ecstasy and great luxury at the Solluna Resort is a flawlessly planned and built top resort in Jim Corbett for the visitors needing to invest energy in the midst of peacefulness and serenity of the wildlife and forest. The Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett is in a magnificent and sumptuous valley of Marchula which is 35 km away from Ramnagar railway station.

Among all top resorts in Corbett, Solluna is perfectly situated in a valley on the banks of Rāmganga. It originates a micro-climate of its own, arousing one's senses and helping find inner peace. The valley appears to be wrapping the whole resort in its arms facilitating the guests to become an integral part of nature.

Distance From Delhi Airport - 300 KMs

Time to reach via Car - 7 hours

District - Uttarakhand


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